Leandro Csome heads field of record-breaking LAPT Sao Paulo

Leandro Csome heads field of record-breaking LAPT Sao Paulo

Friday, 18 February 2011

The Latin America Poker Tour began its new run this week in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A record field of 536 entrants destroyed the previous 394-player record with Argentinian Leandro Csome leading the field with over 250,000 at the end of Day 1. Rumour has it he has won his last two poker tournaments; whether or not they were single table pub tournaments has yet to be established.

The prize pool, with a 536-player field, tops R$2,391,630 with a top prize of R$615,840. Currently the Brazilian Real represents about $0.60 or £0.40 so the winner of the record LAPT will walk away around $370,000 USD richer than prior to the tournament.

In short, this is the biggest field in LAPT history with the biggest overall prize pool of the LAPT ever. The first prize is only the second-biggest, behind Dominik Nitsche’s $381,000 prize for beating out the 291-strong LAPT Grand Final in Season 2.

Over half the field are Brazilians but plenty of pros are representing South American nations with PokerStars sending Andre Akkari and Alex Gomes; they fell but making it through to Day 2 are Humberto Brenes and double LAPT champion Nacho Barbero.

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