Late Night Poker final airs: Luke Schwartz wins biggest pot

Late Night Poker final airs: Luke Schwartz wins biggest pot

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Late Night Poker is as big a fixture in the poker community as Rounders, Phil Ivey or Jerry Yang. OK, maybe not that last one. However, the historical programme (in 1999 it was the first televised poker show to use the now taken-for-granted hole card cameras) has commenced the grand final of its most recent run.

The first part of the final aired on Channel 4 late last night (with a 1am start perhaps it should be titled Early Morning Poker?) with a stacked table – Gus Hansen, Annette Obrestad and Patrik Antonius made up the contingent of aggressive Scandinavians while Tony G and Luke Schwartz filled the loudmouth quota. Also present were 1996 WSOP Main Event winner and surfer dude Huck Seed and up-and-coming British star Sam Trickett.

No eliminations were aired last night as the blinds left very deep stacks with room for play. The biggest pot occurred when Luke Schwartz raised to 1,600 at 300/600 with QQ. Hansen and Antonius both called with 68s before Huck Seed came over the top with TT to make it 12,000 total.

Schwartz wasted no time in shipping in all of his chips – over 50,000 and easily enough to set Seed all-in. The former world champion considered his decision for a long while before making a good fold and saving his stack.

The second part of the final airs next Tuesday when a winner will be decided.

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