Ladbrokes signs Danish dynamite Peter Jepsen

Ladbrokes signs Danish dynamite Peter Jepsen

Friday, 5 December 2008

It’s all about Denmark in the world of poker recently, although with Peter Eastgate’s emigration the Danish taxman has lost out. However, it’s fast becoming poker fact that Danes called Peter run good and this is no exception.

EPT Warsaw winner Peter Jepsen was involved in a lot of the biggest pots on Full Tilt back in the day when they were only piddly amounts like $400,000 and has been a regular player on there for a while. However, Ladbrokes offered him a new deal and he couldn’t resist:

“I have been with Full Tilt for a year and it has been nothing but great, but of course this deal will profile me more than being a part of Full Tilt’s big armada. I am delighted to be back with the site where my online career practically started,” Jepsen said.

Jepsen will succeed Morten ‘Pokergirl’ Erlandsen as Ladbrokes’ sponsored player in high-profile tournaments. “We had only one name on our papers when we decided to look for a new Danish player to be our feature player, and we are very glad Peter saw this as a great opportunity as well,” a Ladbrokes spokesperson said.

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