Ladbrokes players hit the Bad Beat Jackpot

Ladbrokes players hit the Bad Beat Jackpot

Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Bad Beat Jackpot payout of $81,222.17 was ample consolation for Ladbrokes Poker player Tjv1964 after seeing his quad queens run into quad aces.

The big hand started with Tjv1964 holding pocket queens and carrotkid pocket aces. The flop brought both a queen and an ace which guaranteed action. The turn was another queen giving Tjv1964 quad queens but an amazing ace on the river gave carrotkid four of a kind aces and the $100 pot. Despite losing the pot Tjv1964 picked up a delightful consolation prize of $81,222.17. Carrotkid's quad aces brought him a bonus of $40,611.08 with the two other players involved in the hand, zul and k-tre, each picking up $5,801.58.

The Ladbrokes Bad Beat Jackpot currently stands at $52,000 and will be paid out once a hand of quad 8s or better is beaten.

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