Laak's latest challenge

Laak's latest challenge

Monday, 20 September 2010

After finally losing the tag of “one of the best players without a WSOP bracelet” and breaking the World Record for the longest unbroken session of poker, Phil Laak has set himself a new challenge.

The Unabomber's recent Ozzy Osbourne-esque quad bike accident seems to have given him a more philosophical view of life. Speaking after his WSOPE six-max win Laak said, “Whenever you win, it feels like a perfect storm. You feel like you have a guardian angel protecting you. Like during my (fractured arm) accident. The statistics going in from the moment when I was flying through the air going towards the ground were weighed against me. I finished in like the top five percent when I landed. It was really bad but could have been much worse. It was high speed. I could have smashed my head. I could have been paralyzed or blind or worse. But all I got was the broken arm and some bruises. Sometimes, you just run good.”

And his next challenge? “I am planning to learn to play the piano. Before my accident, I did not realize how little I was utilizing my two good arms. When this (broken) arm comes back, I’m going to buy a portable electric keyboard and am going to learn how to play the blues on the piano. Every time I hear the blues on the piano, I say – ‘Man, I wish I could do that!’ There’s nothing that is stopping me from doing that, except like five years of practice. That’s the thing I want to do next, which is learn and study piano.”

We expect to hear him accompanying crooner extraordinaire Marcel Luske sometime in the future.

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