Laak nets third win in PartyPoker Premier League

Laak nets third win in PartyPoker Premier League

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

We don’t know how he’s done it, but Phil Laak has won his third heat in the PartyPoker Premier League IV. He’s earned $32,000 for each win, meaning that he is now only $4,000 short of making back the buy-in for this event and is freerolling.

"I feel like Isildur did before the downswing," said Laak after his incredible third victory. David Benyamine also shot up in points by adding a runner-up spot to yesterday’s win. We suspect, though, that the only reason he won yesterday is because Laak wasn’t playing.

In the final hand of Heat 4, Laak check-raised all-in on an Ad-Td-Th board. Benyamine insta-called with As-Kc but Laak had come from behind holding Kd-Ts to flop trips, which held to award him another 16 points and $32,000.

The league standings are as follows:

1. Phil Laak – 48 points
2. David Benyamine - 35 points
3. Giovanni Safina - 21 points
4. JC Tran – 17 points
5. Yevgeniy Timoshenko – 16 points
6. Roland De Wolfe – 14 points
T-7.. Luke Schwartz – 12 points
T-7. Vanessa Rousso – 12 points
9. Ian Frazer – 10 points
10. Phil Hellmuth - 6 points
11. Tony G - 5 points
12.. Daniel Negreanu – 4 points

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