Laak is two for two in PartyPoker Premier League

Laak is two for two in PartyPoker Premier League

Monday, 15 February 2010

Phil Laak once again took to the felt at the PartyPoker Premier League IV and once again took first place. This nets him yet another 16 points, $32,000 and nearly guarantees him a spot and chip lead at the final table.

JC Tran, Roland de Wolfe and Yevgeniy Timoshenko joined Laak for two days of play on the trot but Phil Hellmuth, Tony G and David Benyamine were among the new players joining the fray who couldn’t topple Laak from the top of the game.

In the final hand, Laak and De Wolfe got it all-in pre-flop holding 22 and 88 respectively. The flop, however, came 6-3-2 to give the Unabomber yet another set.

"Someone needs to have security check these decks," joked Laak. "I may have a friend back there I don't know about." De Wolfe couldn’t improve and took second place for 11 points and $22,000.

Heat III of the League kicks off today. So far the points standings are as follows:

1. Phil Laak – 32 points
2. JC Tran – 17 points
3. Roland De Wolfe – 14 points
4. David Benyamine - 8 points
4. Yevgeniy Timoshenko – 8 points
6. Vanessa Rousso – 6 points
7. Luke Schwartz – 4 points
7. Giovanni Safina - 4 points
9. Phil Hellmuth - 3 points
T-10. Ian Frazer – 2 points
T-10. Tony G - 2 points
12. Daniel Negreanu – 0 points

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