Laak aims for endurance world record

Laak aims for endurance world record

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Having seen the state Paul Zimbler was in after he broke the world poker endurance world record at last year's WSOPE, Bluff Europe is amazed that anyone would even attempt to exceed his marathon session.

It seem that one person is brave (or foolhardy) enough to take on the challenge though. Step forward Mr Phil Laak. The Unabomber will be attempting to break the Marbella Kid's endurance record which stands at 78 hours straight, at Bellagio in Las Vegas starting on 2nd June.

"I have played many enduro sessions of poker, but never anything of this magnitude,” stated Laak. “I know this will test my limits but I love a good challenge and am excited to be trying to beat this record in Vegas’ top poker room."

As Roy Castle used to sing, “Dedication's what you need if you want to be a record breaker” and dedication is what Laak has shown in the build up to the record attempt. The Unabomber has lost over 20lbs thanks to a special diet and has put in an impressive amount of work at the pool, in the gym and on the treadmill. Marathon sessions can do funny things to the brain too but the Unabomber hopes to keep calm and focussed by using a variety of Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques.

Laak wrote on his blog, “Every time I was eating well or at the gym I tried to remind myself that through these actions breaking the record would become effortless. Each time I see fried food, cheese and ice cream I converted those food items into trigger points of effortless detachment. The thinking goes like this. By training myself to not want things I want very much, I will be ready and prepared to effortlessly not want the sleep that my body will inevitably want VERY badly. 6 months of training of not getting what I want will give me the much needed edge I will need.

"If mint ice cream happens to be in front of me, now instead of craving it (or any of my other favorite foods) I am reminded of how effortless it is to not want the things I want. My will power is at an all time life high because of this.”

And if a place in the Guinness Book Of Records wasn't enough reward, Laak has agreed to donate half of the money he wins during the challenge to the Camp Sunshine charity.

We wish Phil the best of luck. He'll certainly need it.

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