Laak Amongst Leaders in WPT Finale

Laak Amongst Leaders in WPT Finale

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Phil Laak will headline the final table of this year's WPT Legends event in California despite not actually headlining the chip counts. However, the American pro is arguably the best known player at the left in the tournament and when the finale begins later today he'll certainly be in contention for the title.

Having bagged 4,730,000 chips over the course of Day 4, Phil managed to finish the session in second place just behind Ryan Goindoo who will lead the six survivors into the home straight.
Indeed, glistening at the end of the track is a $613,355 top prize, but one player who won't be getting his hands on that cash is Patrick Karschamroon.

Despite starting the penultimate session with the chip lead, Patrick's chips slowly dwindled throughout the day and after spotting an opportunity to double-up with As Qs he found himself at risk.

Jordan Cristos was the man who held the advantage with pocket jacks going to the flop and as the board rolled out: Th 8h 6s 9c Ts he was able to breathe a sigh of relief whilst raking in Patrick's chips.

Having nothing left but his dignity, Patrick was forced to exit the tournament area and head to the cashiers' desk to collect his $65,630 consolation prize.

Following Patrick's exit the session was concluded for the night ahead of today's finale when one player will walk away with the WPT Legends of Poker title.

Seat 1.  John Gordon  -  2,935,000
Seat 2.  Jordan Cristos  -  4,265,000
Seat 3.  Alexandru Masek  -  2,890,000
Seat 4.  Phil Laak  -  4,730,000
Seat 5.  Ryan Goindoo  -  5,570,000
Seat 6.  Dan Heimiller  -  1,070,000

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