Korn Claims ACOP Gold

Korn Claims ACOP Gold

Monday, 9 February 2015

PokerStars' penchant for putting on record-breaking tournaments continued late last week after 855 players anted-up for ACOP's Platinum Series VII.

Standing proud as the biggest winner at the end of the series was Argentina's Norberto Korn. The live tournament grinder managed to weave his way past 277 players in the main event to take home his first ACOP trophy and $38,000.

When betting began on the final table it was Australia's Daniel Laidlaw that many had tipped for the title. However, being the most experienced player in the finale only gave him the advantage on paper as he finally met his end in fourth place.

Having watched his biggest rival fall by the wayside, Korn found himself battling against two Chinese pro for ACOP gold. Fortunately, after Qiuren Qin exited in third, Korn was able to dominate the final fight with Minggeng Bo to cruise towards the finish line.

The final hand saw Korn call Bo's all-in with the board showing 5d Js Kh Th. With Qs 9c and a straight, Korn was well in the lead against Bo's Tc 5c and as the 6h fell on the river he was able to rake in the last of his opponent's chips as well as the latest ACOP Main Event title.

ACOP Platinum Series VII Main Event Final Result:

1. Norberto Korn - $34,000
2. Minggeng Bo - $24,569
3. Qiuren Qin - $15,708
4. Daniel Laidlaw - $12,484
5. Jixue Yin - $9,427
6. Hiroyuki Tanaka - $7,648
7. Hui Wang - $6,048
8. Suyu Teng - $4,836
9. Mohyeddin Amadezyabary - $3,869

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