Konrad Swinarski Wins In Dublin

Konrad Swinarski Wins In Dublin

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The latest edition of the Full Tilt International Poker Open (IPO) is in the book with Konrad Swinarski crowned the 2015 winner.

A bumper field of 1,498 entrants created a prize pool of over $326,000 with the German veteran taking the biggest chunk after three hard fought days at Dublin's Regency Hotel. By the close of play, the former power lifter had turned his $250 buy-in into just over $47,000.

Swinarski dominated the final day's proceedings, working through a strong lineup of Irish talent at a final table that included Patrick Kiely, Michael Stephens and John Fitzgerald. Hopes of a home win ended with the departure of Alan White in third after he took a stand with Ah5c on the button before getting unlucky by running into the pocket 10s of Christian Bocher.

Bocher looked favourite to defeat his countryman but lost a stack of chips after an ill-timed triple barrel bluff. With the stacks pretty even, the German duo agreed a chop that levelled up the payouts. They played on for the title with Swinarksi sealing the deal after flopping a set.

"I started playing at Full Tilt," said Swinarski.

"Everything I achieved started there. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t have won this event without the great atmosphere I found in Dublin. Thank you Full Tilt and thank you Dublin."

Full Tilt IPO Result:

1 Konrad Swinarski, Germany - $47,064

2 Christian Bocher, Germany - $42,000

3 Alan White, Ireland - $21,250

4 Rimgaila Daugirdas, Lithuania - $15,250

5 Terry Evans, Wales - $12,200

6 John Fitzgerald, Ireland - $10,600

7 Michael Stephens, Ireland - $9,050

8 Patrick Kiely, Ireland - $7,650

9 Eric Doyle, Ireland - $6,250

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