Kenny Nguyen the Nguyen-er at WSOP-C Harrah’s Chester

Kenny Nguyen the Nguyen-er at WSOP-C Harrah’s Chester

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

We told you – a man named Nguyen has won another poker tournament, this time Kenny Nguyen at the World Series of Poker Circuit event at Harrah’s Chester. Nguyen, nicknamed “Super Tuan”, beat a field of 269 players to take home $94,901 and a WSOP-C ring.

The ride at the final was a tough one with Nguyen reduced to less than six big blinds at one point. He found some spots to double through and after eliminating Ari Engel took the chip lead three-handed.

In the final hand, Robert Scott limped the button and Nguyen shoved K-8, getting a quick call from Scott’s A-6. A king on the river of an otherwise blank board sealed the deal and shipped Kenny the tournament with Scott taking home just under $60k.

The full final table payouts were as follows:

1.Kenny Nguyen - $94,901
2.Robert Scott - $58,639
3.Ramana Epparla - $42,366
4.Ari Engel - $31,179
5.Sean Knitter - $23,358
6.Ed Cotter - $17,799
7.Robert Hwang - $13,790
8.Ryan Waddell - $10,858
9.Huy Nguyen - $8,685

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