Katie Price Amongst Britain's Top Bluffers

Katie Price Amongst Britain's Top Bluffers

Friday, 8 August 2014

Katie Price and Boris Johnson are amongst the biggest bluffers in the UK according to a recent survey by Grosvenor Poker.

With the GUKPT Goliath just a few days away, the organisers recently asked the British public to rate the celebrities they think are most likely to be good at bluffing.

Focusing on the trend for reading tells and picking out bluffs, the survey revealed that both Price and Johnson were seen as the best bluffers.
Moreover, 45% of those surveyed believed that estate agents were the group of people most likely to be bluffing on a daily basis.

The survey also asked people to define the most common traits they think people exhibit when they are bluffing. After collating the results it was revealed that 75% of those surveyed believed that a lack of eye contact was a major giveaway when someone was lying.

As for Price and Johnson's rankings, the public felt that the former had gained notoriety without actually having any talent, while most believe that Johnson would be the best a remaining cool under pressure.

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