Kara’s Coming Back to Europe

Kara’s Coming Back to Europe

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The poker world’s most versatile beauty, Kara Scott, has been busy blogging over the last few days and has revealed that she is moving back to Europe.

According to her post she is leaving California and “needed way more than 4 days” to sort through all of her belongings. Being a firm fixture at many of Europe’s poker events, the move will certainly allow Kara to play more tournaments; moreover, it will give her fans a chance to see a lot more of her skills in front of the camera.

Throughout her blog she also talks about taking some time off after a busy few months to visit her family in Canada. Being both a player and a presenter can often mean Kara doesn’t get a chance to take a break, but since leaving the EPT in San Remo she’s travelled back to her family home before heading to Las Vegas for the WSOP finale.

“I feel like whenever I see my family, I’m jet-lagged all to hell and that kind of sucks. It’s like they only ever get to see me super tired and wonky, rather than at my best. Still, that’s kind of what family is for – taking you however you are – so I did my best to just settle in quickly and spend as much quality time there as possible. My Mom baked about a million pies with all of the fruit that Dad had in their garden and I ate like a queen every day. There’s something about going home that’s just so soothing.”

Kara’s next stop will be the WSOP final table where she’ll be wearing her presenter cap and working with ESPN.

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