Kara Scott’s the Real Deal

Kara Scott’s the Real Deal

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Kara Scott is one of the poker world’s most popular figures both on and off the felt. Whether she conducting an interview with some of the game’s best or trying to bluff them out of a pot in a major tournament she’s always a welcome sight.

Having started out in the game as a complete novice she soon learned the ropes thanks to a stint on the much missed Poker Night Live. After that she began dabbling in various tournaments whilst presenting shows for various companies.

Her break came when she took second in the Irish Open and since then she’s become a firm fixture at venues across the world. Indeed, now a part of Party Poker’s pro team, Kara has been speaking to them about her life in the poker world.

“I’m really lucky in that I get to balance playing poker with my work in television. I really love my career and have always enjoyed learning more about media and entertainment. For me, getting to switch between the two (playing and hosting) means that it always feels like I’m getting a break.”

While Kara exudes confidence when she’s in front of the camera, according to the interview she gets somewhat nervous when competing against the game’s best. “I’m a huge poker enthusiast but being around the best players in the world all the time makes it clear that they really do think at a higher level! I used to feel very self-conscious when playing against them, trying not to make dumb mistakes and look like an idiot.”

Read the full interview with Kara, here.

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