Kara Scott confirmed as High Stakes Poker hostess

Kara Scott confirmed as High Stakes Poker hostess

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The rumours have been strong – strong enough, in fact, for most people to take them at face value. This wasn’t a mistake, as UK/Canadian poker player and television presenter Kara Scott has been confirmed as replacing AJ Benza as co-host on High Stakes Poker.

Previously, Gabe Kaplan and AJ Benza both commentated on the show. Now, the programme is following the style of Poker After Dark, with Kara acting as an on-scene hostess while Gabe commentates solo. Both High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark are produced by the same company.

Many fans are divided on the appointment of Ms Scott – while most people agree that she is the best choice possible for hostess, opinions are split in half when it comes to AJ Benza. Many think that the Benza/Kaplan commentary team was unrivalled and shouldn’t have been broken up. Either way, Season 6 of High Stakes Poker – premiering on GSN next Valentine’s Day – will be a great watch.

Now, give us a wave Kara.

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