Justin “BoostedJ” Smith defeats Tony G at WPT High Roller

Justin “BoostedJ” Smith defeats Tony G at WPT High Roller

Monday, 6 September 2010

In total just 17 players entered the £15,000 High Roller event at the WPT London though that didn’t make the field any easier with tough players such as Freddy Deeb, Luke Schwarz, Tony G, Frank Kassela and Andrew Robl to get through.

Eventually it was online legend Justin “BoostedJ” Smith who prevailed over the small but difficult field after defeating loudmouth Lithuanian Tony G heads-up to take down a first prize of £141,000. The top three places were paid with third taking home £56,400; second earning £84,600 and first £141,000.

The bubble refused to burst for an age as Bruno Fitoussi, Freddy Deeb, Tony G and Justin Smith battled around the spot before the money and racks of chips slid back and forth. Eventually Bruno Fitoussi was the unfortunate loser when his Q-Q was cracked by Tony G’s K-9.

Heads-up, the lead swung back and forth until Tony G on the shorter stack raised all-in on a Q-4-2 flop with 5-3 for an open-ended straight draw. BoostedJ immediately called with Q-9 for top pair and a lack of sixes or aces on the next two streets made Smith trip queens by the river, forcing Tony G to settle for second. The payouts were as follows:

1.Justin “BoostedJ” Smith - £141,000
2.Tony G - £84,600
3.Freddy Deeb £56,400

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