Just who the hell is Chris Olaafson?

Just who the hell is Chris Olaafson?

Monday, 16 August 2010

For the past week or two, plenty of buzz in the poker industry has been to do with a man known only as Chris Olaafson, ‘the man behind the greatest poker players on earth’. The launch of his new training site Up Your Ante has been met with excitement and scepticism, the latter from those who figured it was a joke or viral campaign.

Sadly the latter group were right and there is no Swedish poker God who bankrolls and coaches the best of the best. The viral video released yesterday at www.chrisolaafson.com, though, is very amusing: “It’s an impossible call! How could I make that call? Phil couldn’t make that call; Patrik couldn’t make that call... of course I made the call!”

Olaafson lives on Chris Olaafson Island (actually a mansion overlooking a lake in Killarney, Ireland) outside Sweden – an island he apparently bought with the first $10,000,000 he made from poker.

Disappointing as it is that there isn’t an all-powerful poker God, the viral video is hilarious and well worth a watch.

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