Junglen’s Not a Thief

Junglen’s Not a Thief

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

At the end of November 2012 a surprising social network battle developed between Adam Junglen, Jimmy “Gobboboy” Fricke and Peggy “gobbomom” Klausner. Once friends it seemed that Fricke and Klausner were accusing Junglen of stealing a bracelet.

On top of this, Fricke’s mum accused Junglen of abusing her son’s dog, calling him “a little bastard”.

The accusations shocked many people in the community, including Junglen, who insisted he never touched the bracelet and that Klausner was “insane”.

Since the incident there has been little mention of what went on but in the last 24 hours Klausner has taken to Twitter to apologise to Junglen.

According to a series of Tweets, Klausner and Jimmy were wrong and the bracelet was in their possession all the time.

@gobbomom: “sweet Jesus H. Christ, when will I/ we all learn that the opposite always come true? I'm sorry Adam Junglen. You were wronged, and INNOCENT. Jimmy found his bracelet while moving. Adam is completely innocent. Jimmy and I feel like idiots and are totally sorry.”

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