Jungleman12 extends lead in Durrrr Challenge

Jungleman12 extends lead in Durrrr Challenge

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Daniel Cates resumed battle with Tom Dwan in the Durrrr Challenge yesterday and stretched his lead by just over $270,000.

The pair squared off in a session of $200/$400 NL hold'em spread across four tables and after 780-hands Jungleman12 had extended his overall advantage past the $1.2m mark.

The biggest pot of the night saw Dwan's 5h6h get outdrawn twice by Cates's 8s7s on a 6c7h5s flop. The first running saw running Jacks counterfeit Durrrr's pair with Jungleman12 hitting his straight draw the second time round to takes the all of the $127,989 pot.

Durrrr was on the wrong end of a $106,000 coin flip after his AK couldn't beat Jungleman12's pocket queens on either of the two runnings.

18,235 of the scheduled 50,000 hands have now been completed with Cates firmly in control. Against all opponents, Cates he is up around $2m for the year. 2011 hasn't been as kind to Dwan though. Durrrr has dropped the best part of $1.5m in the first three months of the year.

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