Jungleman Challenges the World (again)

Jungleman Challenges the World (again)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Daniel “Jungleman” Cates has been largely absent from the high stakes world since the DOJ pulled the plug on Full Tilt. While he’s continued to ply his trade at the felt, his activity has been a fraction of what it used to be – as are the stakes he’s been competing for.

However, the American pro hasn’t been short on enthusiasm when trying to increase his media profile and boost his bankroll at the same time. Late last year he offered anyone brave enough the chance to play him heads-up for a minimum of 100,000. The community waited with baited breath for the match, which was set to take place in Prague and be streamed live on the internet.

Sadly no one was willing to accept the challenge and the game never happened. However, Daniel isn’t one to give up easily and in the last 24 hours he’s issued another challenge.

This time the stakes are $50,000 and the blinds will be $100/$200. Not only that but the event will be aired on TV and the person who accepts the challenge will receive free flights and comps during their stay.

Unlike last time there has already been some interest with David “Viffer” Peat asking for the location. Indeed, it seems this time we might actually get a high stakes exhibition, albeit for slightly smaller stakes than before.

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