Julian Thew wins DTD Monte Carlo

Julian Thew wins DTD Monte Carlo

Monday, 18 April 2011

Nottingham Forest may have gone into freefall (and neighbours County aren't doing much better) but there was at least one home victory in Nottingham this weekend after Julian Thew took £250k Monte Carlo event at Dusk Till Dawn.

Thew alongside Hit Squadee Sunny Chattha and Tom McDonald battled their way through an impressive field of 291 runner before agreeing to a three way deal. The first chop offered was based purely on chip counts with Thew getting £66,400, McDonald £56,600 and Chattha £49,000. McDonald refused this deal but agreed to the next which saw Thew take home £62,500 plus the official win with McDonald taking £60,000 and Chattha £52,000.

The final table positions and payouts were as follows:

1.Julian Thew £62,500
2.Tom McDonald £60,000
3.Sunny Chattha £52,000
4.Louise Duffy £22,000
5.Sunil Mistri £16,650
6.Nick McClellan £12,487
7.Waheed Ashraf £9,713
8.Fraser Bellamy £6,938
9.Laurance Houghton £5,550

Image courtesy of Blonde Poker.

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