Jude Ainsworth Wins SCoOP Main Event

Jude Ainsworth Wins SCoOP Main Event

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The inaugural Spring Championship of Online Poker was a resounding success. The tournament series had buy-ins from $5.50 to $25,500 and each tournament had a stacked field.

The $10,300 Main Event was the highlight for many and a field of 502 including most of the PokerStars pros and other high-stakes tournament regulars came together to compete for a first-place prize of nearly $1m.
Chris Moorman, one of the best online MTT players around, reached the final table but sadly couldn’t do better than 8th. Nevertheless, he walked away with a net profit of over $100,000.

Eventually Ainsworth and ragen70 reached the heads-up stage. After a hard slog through the two-day event, Ainsworth rivered a runner-runner flush and was delighted to call a shove from his opponent on a bluff with a pair of sixes. He won $963,338 for his fantastic run through one of the hardest tournament fields seen online.

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