Josh Tyler becomes first ever Baller Strip Poker Champion

Josh Tyler becomes first ever Baller Strip Poker Champion

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The champagne flowed endlessly as Devilfish, Jeff Madsen, James Mitchell, Sam Trickett, John Tabatabai and Keith Gipson were among the notable contestants in the first ever Baller Strip Poker Championship.

But don't worry folks; it was Mr Stringfellow's exotic dancers removing their garments, not the players, making the whole game much much, much more Baller. Baller Strip Poker is a genius variant of Strip Poker which resembles Texas Hold'em but only incorporates two rounds of betting.

We're know what you're thinking. there's not much of an incentive to win here if the girls are taking their clothes off every time you lose a hand. In fact, we spotted Irish Open Champion James Mitchell desperately trying to lose a pot, to no avail. What can we say? The boy runs good.

But the natural competitive streak ingrained in all poker players, however, soon came to the fore, and, as the dust settled on the stockings and garters strewn across the tables, one man emerged victorious from the wreckage. That man was professional poker player Josh Tyler, the inaugural Baller Strip Poker Champion.

A portion of all proceeds were donated to a cancer research charity.

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