Jordan Spieth Wears Green Jacket at Poker Table

Jordan Spieth Wears Green Jacket at Poker Table

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Jordan Spieth, the US golf sensation, recently told reporters that he often wears the sport's famous green jacket for his poker games.

As reported by the LA Times, Spieth, who has already won two major titles this year including the Masters green jacket, Spieth is something of a poker player in his spare time and likes to put the pressure on his opponents during home games by wearing the prestigious garment.

"I took it out and wore it to play poker with a couple of my buddies. That blew them away," said Spieth.

The revelation comes ahead of Spieth's latest outing at the Open. Hoping to add another title to his growing list of accolades, Spieth will be lining up against some of the toughest swingers in the world, but he'll be hoping his poker mindset can help him gain the upper hand on his opponents.

As well as being a poker fan himself, Spieth's caddie, Michael Greller, is also a keen grinder and famously used a poker analogy during Spieth's win at the Masters. Likening the 21-year-old's lead heading into the final round as like holding pocket aces, Greller told Spieth to relax and let the his opponents take all the risks.

That advice paid dividends as Spieth went on to win the title and become the hottest prospect in golf. As well as his win giving Spieth a new prop for his home game, the New York Times explains that the hotshot also has a dining table that transforms into a poker table and he regularly plays with his friends when he's not out on tour.

While Spieth will have his work cut out in his latest tournament, he is the favourite for the Open according to the bookies and if he can win then he'll no doubt be using some of his money to fund his next home game session.

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