Jonathan Aguiar Hosts reddit AMA

Jonathan Aguiar Hosts reddit AMA

Monday, 5 January 2015

Jonathan Aguiar, the former poker pro and now Director of Customer Experience for Daily Fantasy Sports site, DraftKings, recently told reddit readers that there are some interesting crossover skills between his two passions.

Hosting the Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in order to give fans a glimpse into his new profession, Aguiar fielded questions on everything from his decision to move away from poker full time to the similarities between DFS and poker.

Although betting on sports and becoming a successful grinder have a host of differences, Aguiar was adamant that strong poker players can actually make great DFS bettors.

Naturally, bankroll management is a huge consideration in both disciplines and something Aguiar was keen to explain.

"Poker players are used to variance, bankroll management, and all of the 'soft' money skills that are necessary for simply managing the swings of playing the game."

Another interesting crossover between the two activities is the ability to spot an edge that can be exploited for profit.

Although his example from (American) might be alien to those that aren't too familiar with the sport, Aguiar insists that it's possible to gain an edge in DFS if you're able to adopt the mindset of a strong poker player.

"Poker players approach games from an exploitative perspective and ask themselves the question 'In what way can I use the rules of this game to provide myself with an edge over my competition'. Things like pairing your WR to your QB and looking for high ceiling plays in GPPs tend to come more naturally to this mindset," Aguiar said.

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