Johnny Depp is Officially a Hustler

Johnny Depp is Officially a Hustler

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

A recent visit by New York indie band We Are Scientists to the set of Pirates of the Caribbean turned out to be a slightly more expensive day out when Depp rinsed them of their hard earned money. nh, gg, wp Johnny!

Reports on how this occurred are varied, with British tabloid ‘The Mirror’ suggesting it was by playing craps, while other sites have suggested it was playing poker. We’re going with the poker version because, well… we’re a poker site and it makes it relevant. Either way, it appears that Mr Depp wants paying as he alleges the band still owe him the dollar.

After the session, the band seemed to be stuck, with lead singer Keith Murray saying “Depp is accusing us of owing him $28,000. But we heard Orlando Bloom was S800,000 in debt to Johnny...”. We’re trying to get hold of Orlando’s agent now to offer him a seat in the Bluff Europe office game.

It does appear that the band are prone to tilting after reports suggested they trashed their backstage room at the Leeds Festival this year after worrying fans might throw bottles of pee at them. To be honest, that would put most poker players on tilt. (Actually the backstage trashing was a skit set up by British music magazine NME, as any self respecting music fan would know. Cuh. – ed.)

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