Johnny Chan’s reality TV show

Johnny Chan’s reality TV show

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Epic failures on the felt are a common site in the poker world. When a fish tries in vain to 3-barrel bluff a pro the rail often lets out a collective gulp of embarrassment as they watch them lose the final shreds of their bankroll.

Because scenes such as this have become relatively common they now pass by without much attention being paid to them. However, there are still plenty of epic fails in the poker world that don’t occur on the felt and Johnny Chan's latest TV appearance looks like it could be one of them.

Over the last few days a trailer for his new show entitled: Full House With Johnny Chan, has surfaced and caused a stir amongst the community’s forumites.

Faces have been left red and sore after numerous face palms resulting from watching the six minute clip.

The premise for the show is simple: take five poker players (or, as it appears, wannabe actors and actresses), stick them in the house with a $200K bankroll each (it’s unlikely this is theirs to keep) and watch the drama unfold.

Dubbed “reality TV”, this show isn’t exactly a great advert for poker. Indeed, much of the community have been vocal about their contempt for the show, with people such as Kevin “Kevmath” Mathers saying: “Johnny Chan’s most successful appearance away from the poker table was Rounders and it’s been downhill ever since.”

This certainly isn’t Johnny’s finest moment, but we’ll let you judge his efforts for yourself.

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