Joe Sebok’s Sextortion Case Over

Joe Sebok’s Sextortion Case Over

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The likes of Joe Sebok and other poker pros caught up in a long running “sextortion” case can sleep easy tonight knowing that the two men responsible for blackmailing them will be behind bars.

Back in 2010, Tyler Schrier and Keith James Hudson began illegally accessing the email accounts of various poker players, including Joe Sebok, in an attempt to steal information about them.

Having hacked their way into their personal accounts, the two men were able to obtain nude images and sensitive information, things they then used to blackmail Sebok.

Asking for money in return for their silence, Sebok refused to meet their demands and it’s been described that around 100 people were sent the risqué images of Sebok.

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, Sebok described to the court how this affected his ability to ply his trade in the poker world and ultimately led to him having to find other avenues to make a living.

Schrier was ultimately given a prison sentence of 42 months, while Hudson was given a two-year prison term.

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