Joe Sebok Signs With UltimateBet

Joe Sebok Signs With UltimateBet

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Joe Sebok, premier poker pro; son of Barry Greenstein and mastermind of PokerRoad, has joined Team UltimateBet alongside Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke, acting as an intermediary between staff and pro players.

"We are ecstatic to bring Joe onto Team UB,” said Paul Leggett, chief operating officer of parent company Tokwiro Enterprises. “He will not only serve as a pro player representing the brand, but more importantly will be instrumental in helping us create a poker site for and by poker players.”

Sebok won’t be letting this get in the way of PokerRoad, though: “They told me that they were very interested and initially I was too turned off by the past scandal to even consider it. We kept talking, though, and it quickly became apparent that both Paul Leggett and I were on the same page with wanting to not only to do things completely differently, but also to atone for the way things had been handled in the past. From that point, it was just a matter of getting a few things started to make us both feel comfortable" Sebok said in an interview with He also claimed to be satisfied with how UltimateBet had dealt with the past cheating scandals.

“His commitment to the brand was invaluable as he worked closely with me to help begin to bring closure on the details surrounding the cheating investigation from last year. I'll continue to work with him to ensure that we always do everything possible to satisfy the poker community’s concerns and will continue to work together to make UB the premier poker site. I couldn't be happier to welcome Joe to the team today,” Leggett said.

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