Jimmy Jonsson wins Unibet Open Warsaw

Jimmy Jonsson wins Unibet Open Warsaw

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Jimmy Jonsson has won the final leg of the 2009 Unibet Poker Tour. The Swede outlasted a field of 400 players at the Hyatt Hotel in Warsaw, to win a first prize of €161,271.

The final table was a truly international affair with players from nine countries represented. None could match the young Swede though who sealed the win after outdrawing Frenchman Regis Burlot.

The final hand saw Jonsson raise 115,000 from the button and Burlot call. The Frenchman checked the Kd-Jc-8c board, Jonsson bet 130,000, Burlot raised to 300,000, Jonsson shoved and Burlot made a quick call. Jonsson revealed Qc-10d for an open ended straight draw with Burlot holding Ks-9s for top pair. The Swede hit the front on the turn after the 9h hit to give him a straight. There was to be no miracle redraw, leaving Jonsson victorious with Burlot having to settle for €104,352 for his second place finish.

The final table positions and payouts were as follows:

1st Jimmy Jonsson €161,271
2nd Regis Burlot €104,352
3rd Joachim Buch €69,569
4th Tom Rademaker €50,950
5th Imre Leibold €39,522
6th Francois Jardinet €26,885
7th Filipe Martins €19,929
8th Wojcech Frankowski €14,235
9th Viktoria Szilasi €11,386

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