Jeopardy! Title For Alex Jacob

Jeopardy! Title For Alex Jacob

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Former professional poker player Alex Jacob branched out recently and won $250,000 in cash after taking down the Tournament Of Champions competition as part of the syndicated American television game show Jeopardy!.

The 30-year-old currency trader won seven consecutive games for $151,802 in April to book his place in the end-of-season final before taking down the subsequent quarter-final, semi-final and both games of the two-day final in runaways.

“The most challenging aspect was probably just dealing mentally with the high stakes and the knowledge that I could win the tournament if I played well,” Chicago-based Jacob told

“The one thing I had going for me is that I’ve played for a lot of money on national television before. The thing that makes Jeopardy! different than poker, though, is that there’s always another poker tournament but you only get one Tournament Of Champions.”

Jacob has career poker earnings of just over $2.6 million and is probably best known in the sport for his triumph at the 2006 United States Poker Championship, which netted him $878,500.

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