Jens Kyllonen's Ups and Downs

Jens Kyllonen's Ups and Downs

Monday, 10 February 2014

Jens Kyllonen certainly had a rough time away from the felt in 2013 and, according to a recent tweet, things weren't much better at the tables.

Having had his laptop infected with a Trojan at EPT Barcelona, Jens was almost the victim of a high stakes poker scam which could have cost him millions of dollars. Indeed, if he hadn't have spotted the infection it's likely the virus would have allowed the hacker to gain access to Jens's playing style and decimate his bankroll.

Thankfully such an attack was thwarted, but it seems that detective like prowess wasn't enough to prevent the Finnish pro from losing $600,000 in 2013. After reviewing his stats, Jens told his Twitter followers that he ran "running ~1m under EV" BUT he assured them he was making a comeback.

To confirm his recent resurgence, Jens posted his stats for the current year and after 40,000 hands he's managed to bank just shy of $250,000.

Kyllonen Graph

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