Jeff Madsen's WSOP Warm Up

Jeff Madsen's WSOP Warm Up

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Jeff Madsen is a poker pro who is never afraid to speak his mind and last night the WSOP bracelet winner caused a mini-stir on Twitter by announcing that he was playing an employee tournament at the Bicycle Casino.

Despite being a decorated pro with more than $4.5 million in career earnings, Madsen decided to sit down and take part in a recreational tournament alongside dealers, cashiers and snack shop workers.

Knowing that the decision to play would cause a debate on Twitter, Madsen put out the news and explained that, between his coaching seminars and commentary at the Bike, he is essentially an employee of the casino. However, some players didn't seem to agree that it was a good way to "warm up" for the WSOP.

"Eligible to play this event this year is interesting - I'm literally a casino employee and I wanna play a fun warm-up event - why not. If anything, this will start a conversation and the trolls will care more than they should, as usual," wrote Madsen.

Quick to question the decision was Justin 'stealthmunk' Schwartz who wrote that, while he doesn't care what Madsen does, a "man must have a code." Another player seemingly unimpressed with Madsen's logic was the winner of one of the biggest Sunday Million events in history, Luke 'bdbeatslayer' Vrabel:

"I suppose every hooker in Vegas should quality too. They offer more to casino patrons than u."

Those against the idea of Madsen taking advantage of his position and playing in a predominately amateur tournament will be happy to known wasn't able to take down the title and hit the rail after a triple barrel bluff went wrong.

While a pro playing in an employee event isn't the most scandalous thing that's happened in poker recently, it certainly caused a debate on Twitter and will no doubt have some people looking sideways at Madsen when he arrives at the WSOP.

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