Jason Mercier Wants Three Titles in 2014

Jason Mercier Wants Three Titles in 2014

Friday, 3 January 2014

For most players the dawn of a new year is a chance to set some modest goals such as: learn to 3-bet properly or breakeven in MTTs. However, if you're as accomplished as Jason Mercier then it's possible to set your sights a little higher and that's exactly what he's done in his latest blog post.

Adding another entry to his growing library of thoughts, Jason began his recent blog with the seemingly lofty assertion that he wants to win "at least three live poker titles" in 2014. Justifying such a tall task, Jason reminds readers that he's actually managed this feat twice already (2009 and 2011), but this time around he wants to add another major title to his collection.

Starting at the PCA later this week before moving on to the Aussie Millions, LAPC and Bay 101, Jason is already feeling confident he can achieve part of his goal before the end of March. However, with other irons in the fire, he's also keen to enjoy more of a work/life balance.

Indeed, in the latter half of his post Jason explains how he's invested in a new company, doorstepdelivery.com, as well as a new boat. Beyond that he wants to continue using his bankroll for other things and one day he hopes to write a book, set up his own charity and help his brother buy a house.

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