Jake Cody on Poker and Fatherhood

Jake Cody on Poker and Fatherhood

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Jake Cody isn't someone who's going to be led off to slaughter like a helpless lamb according to his latest blog post.

Entitled "Transition" and evaluating his position in an ever-changing poker world, Jake's latest blog demonstrates why he's managed to succeed in the game during his eight-year career.

With his 26th birthday slowly creeping over the horizon, Jake has been reflecting on his past and future in poker and while he doesn't feel he's "old school", he does feel he's at a point of transition. Noticing that those around him are getting younger and younger, Jake is looking to the wisdom of those that thrived for many years in the game, including Stu Ungar whom he likened unskilled players to a "lamb that's going off to the slaughter".

One of the methods Jake has developed to improve his chances of success is to remove negative emotions from the hands he plays. After training himself to stay calm regardless of the situation, Jake is able to maintain his ultra competitive spirit but not witness a decline in his performance when things don't go his way.

In the final section of his textual update, Jake talks about his year so far and how the arrival of his first child is only "2 weeks and 4 days away". Juggling high stakes poker with a new baby certainly won't be easy but Jake is confident he can multi-table both tasks and excel in both.

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