JRB Wins Weight Loss Prop Bet

JRB Wins Weight Loss Prop Bet

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Jean-Robert Bellande is $70,000 to the good after winning his recent weight loss prop bet.

BrokeLiving had to top the scales at under 245lb by 1 November to claim the cash and weighed in at just under his target weight yesterday.

While not as extreme as Ted Forrest's diet, JRB's effort is still an impressive feat of willpower. Bellande had five months to drop 43lb (just over 3 stone) and was well on course to succeed thanks to changing diet, cutting out wine and putting more hours in at the kickboxing ring.

It wouldn't be that simple though. With a week to go, JRB tweeted.

The outcome was in doubt right up to the wire but an even more severe diet and a little bit of starvation got him over the line.

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