JRB Arrested in Vegas

JRB Arrested in Vegas

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Everyone's favourite broke grinder, Jean-Robert Bellande, was arrested in Las Vegas last night for two traffic violations.

As is the case in almost all situations today someone was on hand with a camera phone to film the situation before a team of sleuths searched for some more information on the incident.

According to Two Plus Two poster Time "FireworkKKing" Bennett, JRB was pulled over in his new Bentley (the one he allegedly won during a home game with Dan Bilzerian) and subjected to a series of police questions.

Not only that but a case containing a number of items was removed from the boot of his car and documented by the police before being put into zip locked bags.

Later that evening a police report emerged which recorded the offences as an "expired license plate" and "unlawful acts of financial responsibility" (quite what this means is unclear).

After positing 10% of his $15,700 bail amount, JRB was free to go and relax back at his place in Vegas. Although he didn't go into much detail, he did describe the ordeal as a "16 hr nightmare" but that the charges were "dropped obv".

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