Ivey up $1.2m in two days.

Ivey up $1.2m in two days.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

It’s got to be hard to be Phil Ivey. He’s widely regarded as the man to beat when it comes to both cash games and tournaments, live or online. A two day spell showed once again why that is the case.

Having sat at his personal $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha table, he has taken on some of the best high stakes players on the site: Ziigmund, David Benyamine, LoLina, guaranteed376, slaktarn, Durrrr all stepped up to the plate, but in the end it was Ivey who ended up cashing the profit. The session was spectacularly bad for Tom Dwan.

Once quoted by Phil Ivey as the kid who might break him, Tom Dwan is the most promising of the young generation to have made the transition to big hitters. This wasn’t to be Dwan’s finest hour though, after Ivey essentially ran well. Four pots over $200k did most of the damage, with the biggest pot weighing in at $290k. Ivey flopped the nuts against Durrrr’s top two and open ended straight draw. Dwan picked up more outs on the turn but in the end Ivey was to rub salt into the wound as he backed up into the stone cold nuts. That’s got to hurt.

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