Ivey's Alcohol Bet

Ivey's Alcohol Bet

Thursday, 29 August 2013

According to a recent tweet Phil Ivey will be abstaining from alcohol for one year in the name of money. Known for enjoying food-based prop bets from time-to-time, Phil hasn't disclosed the amount he's wagering but if it's like any of his other bets it's likely to be a lot of money.

Indeed, a few years ago Phil agreed a $1 million bet with Tom "durrrrr" Dwan that would see him give up meat for 12 months.

Initially confident, Phil wanted to up the ante to $2 million but after agreeing on half that amount the bet began in earnest. For three weeks Phil seemed to be going strong, but after a chance encounter with a piece of chicken at a party he had to admit defeat.

Having given in to the call of meat Phil had to buyout of the bet for $150,000, something which Dwan was quick to remind him of when the latest bet was announced.

Can Phil really not drink alcohol for a year? Only time will tell.

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