Ivey Set to Appeal Crockfords' Ruling

Ivey Set to Appeal Crockfords' Ruling

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Phil Ivey may have been dealt a bad hand when he went to court in recently to battle Crockfords Casino, London, but it seems that hasn't deterred him from wanting to fight on.

Like the true poker pro he is, Ivey still believes there is some value in his case and, as a result, has filed an appeal. The case surrounds Ivey's use of edge sorting and whether or not it can be construed as cheating.

According to Ivey, the imperfections on the card were a manufacturing error and he was simply taking advantage of some favourable playing conditions in order to win £7.8 million from the British casino. During the recent hearing to claim his money, Ivey was open about this and the judge was somewhat sympathetic to his case.

However, when the chips were down, the judge ultimately ruled in Crockfords favour which meant the £7.8 million Ivey won did not have to be paid out.

According to F5 Poker, Ivey's lawyer, Matthew Dowd of Archerfield Partners LLP, said:

"I can confirm that Phil Ivey filed papers at the Court of Appeal last week. Phil is seeking to appeal the decision on the basis that the Judge was incorrect in both fact and law to conclude that 'edge sorting' was cheating, particularly in circumstances where the Judge made it very clear in his judgment that he considered Phil to be a truthful witness and that he accepted that Phil genuinely believes that his actions during the game at Crockfords did not constitute cheating."

Whether this appeal will be successful now remains to be seen.

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