Ivey Poker launches

Ivey Poker launches

Monday, 8 July 2013

After months of signing up some of the game’s most promising youngsters, American poker player Phil Ivey’s long-awaited online product has finally been launched.

Until now it’s been somewhat unclear whether Ivey was creating a dedicated training domain, a poker site or a combination of both but such questions were answered over the weekend with the premiere of his free-play Facebook app combining real-money and free-play games.

Players who register for Ivey Poker are given 3,500 starting chips and can compete for free against opponents from a across the world. For those that wish to give their bankroll a boost a variety of chip packages can be purchased such as 15 million chips for $19.99 or 150 million chips for $99.99.

Much like other social gaming poker sites such as Zynga Poker, users can purchase various badges, icons and graphics to enhance their gaming experience.

However, unlike similar sites, Ivey’s new project will feature training from some of the game’s best players. Indeed, the ability to view a combination of free videos or purchase credits for more advanced insights is arguably the biggest selling point of the latest edition to the online poker world.

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