Ivey Battles Back in Baccarat Dispute

Ivey Battles Back in Baccarat Dispute

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The legal team representing Phil Ivey is attempting to dismiss a lawsuit claiming that the 10-time bracelet winner cheated his way to a $9.6m baccarat win.

The Borgata Casino sued Ivey in April, claiming that he and an accomplice used an 'edge sorting' technique to exploit manufacturing flaws in the cards to defraud the New Jersey venue.

The lawsuit stated that “Ivey’s true motive, intention, and purpose... was to create a situation in which he could surreptitiously manipulate what he knew to be a defect in the playing cards in order to gain an unfair advantage over Borgata.”

Ivey's team hit back on Wednesday, filing a motion to have the original suit thrown out. Lawyers for the 38-year-old told the Associated Press that his big win was not the result of cheating and that "each and every penny of defendants' winnings was the result of sheer skill."

In addition to denying any form of cheating, Ivey's legal team also said that a six-month statute of limitations had already passed and that violations of state regulations can only be only be pursued by regulators and not individual casinos.

Ivey is involved in a similar dispute with Crockfords Casino in London where he won £7.8m using an 'edge sorting' technique.

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