Ivan Freitez wins PokerStars EPT Grand Final for €1.5m

Ivan Freitez wins PokerStars EPT Grand Final for €1.5m

Friday, 13 May 2011

Ivan Freitez has become the first champion of the European Poker Tour Grand Final in Madrid, taking home €1,500,000 after becoming the last man standing from a field of 686. Though everyone at the final eight got a six-figure payout, Freitez was the one to take home the millions and the EPT trophy.

Freitez began heads-up play against Torsten Brinkmann with a gigantic chip lead and even a double-up couldn’t save ther German. In the final hand, Torsten Brinkmann 3-bet shoved A-K from the big blind only to see Freitez snap him off with Td-9d. A nine on the flop raised cheers from the rail and a blank fourth and fifth street wrapped that up.

The live broadcast was a major success – the first of its kind, with the final four players being made much more exciting to watch with the addition of all hole cards. Andrey Danilyuk and Tamas Lendvai were the fourth and third place finishers that the world was watching.

The full final table payouts were as follows:

1.Ivan Freitez - €1.5m
2.Torsten Brinkmann – €900k
3.Tamas Lendvai - €550k
4.Andrey Danilyuk - €400k
5.Juan Maceiras - €315k
6.Eugene Yanayt - €250k
7.Alex Gomes - €185k
8.Andrew Li - €130k

The action continues in Madrid today with the Champion of Champions event starting at 1pm UK time. Watch all the action live courtesy of PokerStars.tv which is once again running a live webstream.

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