It’s That Time Again – Poker in the Park!

It’s That Time Again – Poker in the Park!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Once again hoards of poker players will descend on Leicester Square for a summer day of poker bonanza. On August 13 and 14 (that’s a Thursday and Friday so sort out your annual leave now, folks) we’re going to get off our arses and organise a spectacular event.

As testimony to the increasing popularity of pub poker, Bluff Europe have joined forces with 11 major pub leagues and have invited them to host a tournament each at this year’s Poker in the Park Texas Hold’em Tent, The Poker Dome!

Leagues hosting cup events at this years Poker in the Park include:

* The Nuts Poker League
* Red Tooth Poker
* Big Time Poker League
* Champions Poker League
* Masters Poker League

In addition a turbo SnG will accommodate up to 80 runners.

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