Isildur1 vs. Tony G in the next PokerStars SuperStar Challenge

Isildur1 vs. Tony G in the next PokerStars SuperStar Challenge

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Not too long after Isildur1 lost out in the inaugural SuperStar Showdown to Isaac “philivey2694” Haxton, another challenger has stepped up to the plate hoping to better Haxton’s $41,000 victory.

Tony G, a man never afraid to associate himself with Isildur1 in any way possible, has escrowed the $150,000 bankroll and declared that he will be the next challenger to take on Isildur1 at 2,500 hands of high stakes NL and PLO with stakes of $50/$100.

So far at PokerStars, Isildur1 has truly lived up to his King of the Swingers moniker – within 24 hours of signing for the site he had played a fourteen-hour PLO session and won over $300,000 before giving it all back to Phil Galfond. So far his account has been reduced to less than $10,000 just one week ago – he has since run it up to over $350,000.

Tony G will face Isildur1 on January 2 – that’s this Sunday – at 4pm on the PokerStars clock. The two will play 2,500 hands on two tables of NLHE and two tables of PLO or play until one person has won the entire $150,000 in their opponents’ bankroll.

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