Isildur1 takes on Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies and Scott Palmer

Isildur1 takes on Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies and Scott Palmer

Monday, 21 February 2011

The high stakes Omaha action was buzzing on PokerStars over the weekend as we’ve come to expect now that Isildur1, aka Viktor Blom, has made that site his home. The $25/$50 heads-up Omaha games were the best place to find some serious action and unsurprisingly, Blom was the driving force.

Ilari Sahamies, better known by his online screenname of “Ziigmund” at Full Tilt Poker, has recently begun playing on PokerStars and made $50,000 on his first session. He took on Blom and wound up down $150,000 to his fellow Scandinavian. Twenty to thirty buy-in victories are becoming far more commonplace in heads-up Omaha now.

One of their pots was a gigantic 2,000 big blind behemoth that occurred midway through the session. Isildur1 opened the action with a button raise to $150 and Sahamies, under the screen name Ilari FIN, 3-bet to $450. This had been happening in every hand. Isildur1 made it $1,350 to go and Sahamies bumped it up to $4,050. Not to be deterred by the pre-flop 5-bet, Blom raised to $12,150 and Sahamies made the call.

Finally we saw a Ks-5s-4h flop and Sahamies bet the pot; Blom raised and just like that we had a $101,000 pot. Sahamies turned over Kh-6h-Jc-Td and Blom flipped Ad-9d-Ah-7s. The aces held up and Isildur1 took down a $101,000 pot. Just last night he took on the likes of Scott “urnotindangr” Palmer and is at the time of writing down $55,000.

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