Isildur1 spotted at high-stakes Betfair games?

Isildur1 spotted at high-stakes Betfair games?

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Since Brian Hastings destroyed Isildur1’s bankroll in a 42-buy-in victory at heads-up Pot-Limit Omaha, the mysterious high-stakes Swede hasn’t been spotted. Yesterday he was on Full Tilt and lost $10 at $0.25/$0.50. Balla.

In interviews, however, the poker world’s Man With No Name heavily implied he has an extensive bankroll on other sites – further supporting the theory that he ran up his $6,000,000 peak profit on Full Tilt from as little as five figures.

Betfair Poker is Europe’s answer to Full Tilt, offering plenty of games from $25/$50 upwards culminating in $250/$500 games. A new player on Betfair using the nick Omlphalotus has been killing these games in a similar way to Isildur1.

Omlphalotus plays very long sessions on multiple tables, like Isildur1. He constantly raises, 3-bets and puts pressure on his opponents in every hand, like Isildur1. He has gone straight for the pros at Betfair – taking a lot from Marcelo Marigliano – like Isildur1.

If you ever get tired of Full Tilt and want to see what might be Isildur1, check out Betfair’s high stakes games.

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