Isildur1’s wild ride at the PokerStars high stakes tables

Isildur1’s wild ride at the PokerStars high stakes tables

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

It didn’t take Viktor Blom long to break his promise of taking a break after his Super High Roller victory in the PCA. He was back at the virtual felt again this past weekend, playing a swingy session from Saturday until Monday.

In the process he made roughly $450,000 across the weekend before earning an additional six figures on Sunday night, despite coming close to losing it back. Naturally he is sitting at several high stakes tables at the time of writing, so there is still time for him to lose it all.

To summarise, he beat VietRussian out of around $200k at $50/$100 Omaha on Saturday night before winning over a quarter-million during the day on Sunday, playing an impressive 5.5k hands.

He is currently playing heads-up against Bernsden12 and is up approximately $300,000 after being up as high as $500k. With six-figure pots routine in this match, who knows what could happen?

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