Isildur1 defeats Daniel Cates in SuperStar Showdown

Isildur1 defeats Daniel Cates in SuperStar Showdown

Monday, 31 January 2011

The third SuperStar Showdown pitted Viktor Blom against long-time rival Daniel “w00ki3z” Cates, better known by his Full Tilt screenname “jungleman12” as the biggest online winner of 2010 in the high stakes games. Isildur1 is, of course, Isildur1. That’s all there is to say there.

Cates and Blom have quite the history – jungleman12 was one of the few to give Blom trouble on the $25/$50 games at Full Tilt before a breakout match saw Isildur1 win over $500,000 from jungleman12 playing $50/$100; about half of Cates’s roll at the time.

Since then jungleman12 has proved himself the best NL heads-up player in the world, except for possibly Blom. While this 2,500-hand match doesn’t tell us who is best, it is noteworthy that Isildur1 dominated proceedings to take home $51,196.

Both multi-millionaire, high-stakes players are just 20 years old but you wouldn’t know it watching the five-figure pots played out across four tables. It took just eight minutes for Cates to 5-bet shove for our first all-in and that set the tone.

After half an hour, Blom was up $19,000 before losing it back and $20,000 more in the next twenty minutes. It took just six minutes for players to return to even and the pattern washed, rinsed and repeated until both players had almost $150,000 in play and Blom lead by just a few thousand.
Eventually, the 2,500-hand limit was up and it happened to be Isildur1 on the receiving end of an upswing when the clock was called, leaving him a $51,196 winner against Cates and a $56,000 winner in the SuperStar Showdown overall.

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